The Beatles’ diary -- 1st April 1965

Thursday, 1st April 1965

UK singles chart
  1. The Last Time – The Rolling Stones
  2. It’s Not Unusual – Tom Jones
  3. Silhouettes – Herman’s Hermits
  4. Come And Stay With Me – Marianne Faithfull
  5. Goodbye My Love – The Searchers
UK albums chart
  1. Rolling Stones No.2 – The Rolling Stones
  2. Beatles For Sale – The Beatles
  3. Sandie – Sandie Shaw
  4. Best Of Jim Reeves – Jim Reeves
  5. Kinda Kinks – The Kinks

Freddie Lennon turned up on John’s doorstep again, trying to worm his way back into John’s life. John greeted him with the line, “And where have you been for the last twenty years?” He still had an image of him as a seafaring adventurer, tripping back and forth from England to the States, but when he sat and talked to him he got the shock of his life. “Discovering him to be a pretty foul-mouthed washer up of dishes, with a thick Scouse accent which John, with his upbringing, never had, was not a pretty sight,” said Cynthia. “He kept on going on about what a hard life he’d had, and how he was having to work as a skivvy to earn a few bob, and John and I never had it so good etc… Within an hour or so of coming to the door, he was saying how he didn’t want to take anything from his …

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