The Beatles’ diary -- 10th February 1962

Saturday, 10th February 1962

UK singles chart
  1. The Young Ones – Cliff Richard
  2. Let’s Twist Again – Chubby Checker
  3. Forget Me Not – Eden Kane
  4. Can’t Help Falling In Love / Rock-A-Hula Baby – Elvis Presley
  5. Walk On By – Leroy Van Dyke
UK albums chart
  1. The Young Ones – Cliff Richard
  2. Blue Hawaii – Elvis Presley
  3. The Black And White Minstrel Show – The George Mitchell Minstrels
  4. South Pacific – Original Soundtrack
  5. The Shadows – The Shadows

Performance at St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church Hall in Tranmere, Birkenhead.

This was the day that Decca officially turned down The Beatles and Brian stormed out of the meeting, shouting: “You must be out of your tiny little minds! These boys are going to explode. I am completely confident that one day they will be bigger than Elvis Presley!” He also punched them in the nuts and shot the tea-lady. Nobody bothered informing Pete, though, and he later complained: “I was the last to hear about it. John, Paul and George heard long before me. They let it slip out in a casual conversation one day. Why didn’t you tell me? I said. And they said they didn’t want to dishearten me.”

It is a little known fact that Decca then offered Brian the use of a studio to record a couple of songs, to aid him in his continued hunt for a record deal. For the bargain price of …

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