The Beatles’ diary -- 14th April 1968

Sunday, 14th April 1968

UK singles chart
  1. Congratulations – Cliff Richard
  2. Delilah – Tom Jones
  3. What A Wonderful World / Cabaret – Louis Armstrong
  4. Lady Madonna – The Beatles
  5. If I Only Had Time – John Rowles
UK albums chart
  1. John Wesley Harding – Bob Dylan
  2. History Of Otis Redding – Otis Redding
  3. Greatest Hits – The Supremes
  4. Greatest Hits – The Four Tops
  5. The Sound Of Music – Original Soundtrack

John and George came storming round Paul’s house in Cavendish Avenue to tell him all about the Maharishi: “It was a big scandal,” he said, “the Maharishi tried to get off with a chick! So I said, ‘Yes? What’s wrong with that?’ And he said, ‘Well, you know, he’s just a bloody old letch like everybody else.’ They were scandalised. And I was quite shocked at them, because he never said that he was a god. In fact very much the opposite, he said, ‘Don’t treat me like a god, I’m just a meditation teacher.’ There was no vow of chastity involved.”

The end of the Indian trip heralded in quite a few changes to the Beatles camp – the most obvious one being John’s return to the big, brash, ‘I’m the leader’ kind-of attitude he used to throw about in the early sixties. He had been content to …

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