The Beatles’ diary -- 15th November 1966

Tuesday, 15th November 1966

UK singles chart
  1. Reach Out I’ll Be There – The Four Tops
  2. Stop Stop Stop – The Hollies
  3. Semi-Detached Suburban Mr James – Manfred Mann
  4. High Time – Paul Jones
  5. Good Vibrations – The Beach Boys
UK albums chart
  1. The Sound Of Music – Original Soundtrack
  2. Golden Hits – Dusty Springfield
  3. Revolver – The Beatles
  4. Pet Sounds – The Beach Boys
  5. Distant Drums – Jim Reeves

Brian was forced to deny rumours that The Beatles had split-up. George said: “We’ve just been resting and thinking, that’s all… It just gives us a chance to re-assess things. After all, we’ve just had four years of doing what everybody else wants. So now we’re doing what ‘we’ want to do. But, whatever we do, it has to be real and progressive. Everything we’ve done so far has been rubbish, as I see it today. Other people may like what we’ve done, but we’re not kidding ourselves. People live too easily in a plastic world. They think they are doing something, but when they peg out, they’ve done nothing.” John was then asked if he was ashamed of The Beatles’ early songs, especially ‘She Loves You’, and he replied: “I think of that particular song as a childhood memory… But George is …

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