The Beatles’ diary -- 15th November 1970

Sunday, 15th November 1970

UK singles chart
  1. Woodstock – Matthew’s Southern Comfort
  2. Patches – Clarence Carter
  3. War – Edwin Starr
  4. Indian Reservation – Don Fardon
  5. Voodoo Chile – Jimi Hendrix Experience
UK albums chart
  1. Led Zeppelin III – Led Zeppelin
  2. Motown Chartbusters Vol. 4 – Various Artists
  3. Bridge Over Troubled Water – Simon & Garfunkel
  4. Paranoid – Black Sabbath
  5. Atom Heart Mother – Pink Floyd

By now, Paul was adamant that he wanted out of the Beatles’ partnership for good. But without cooperation from Klein and the others, the only way that he could do it was to sue the other members of the partnership – John, George, Ringo and Apple Corps. And the thought of suing his former friends in the law-courts didn’t exactly fill him with glee: “I agonized over the prospect of suing my best mates and being ‘seen’ to sue my best mates,” but there wasn’t a lot that he could do, because he was convinced that Klein was screwing him, and he didn’t see why the others should share in the profits from his solo stuff. “Talk about traumas!” he said. “Not only had the Beatles broken up, this fabbest of groups and these nicest of people, the other three Beatles, these true buddies of mine …

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