The Beatles’ diary -- 19th September 1966

Monday, 19th September 1966

UK singles chart
  1. All Or Nothing – The Small Faces
  2. Distant Drums – Jim Reeves
  3. Yellow Submarine / Eleanor Rigby – The Beatles
  4. Too Soon To Know – Roy Orbison
  5. God Only Knows – The Beach Boys
UK albums chart
  1. Revolver – The Beatles
  2. The Sound Of Music – Original Soundtrack
  3. Pet Sounds – The Beach Boys
  4. Portrait – Walker Brothers
  5. Blonde On Blonde – Bob Dylan

John flew to Spain to carry on filming. He shared a pokey little house with Michael Crawford, who remembered: “Almeria was a dreadful place. There was nothing to do in the evenings. John and I had a running joke about who would be the first to catch the night-train to Madrid. We didn’t do much in the evenings except play ‘Monopoly’ and ‘Risk’… The only thing that struck me about John was that he liked chips. We used to discuss food a lot. It was very mundane things and normal everyday things. John and I never bothered to change out of the army uniforms at the end of the day’s shooting. He used to say to me, ‘Oh, I hated that scene today, you know, all that bloody sand, I hated it!’ So, I used to reply, ‘Yeah, yeah, I really agree, yeah. The sand was awful.’ If anytime he smoked …

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