The Beatles’ diary -- 20th January 1965

Wednesday, 20th January 1965

UK singles chart
  1. Yeh Yeh – Georgie Fame
  2. I Feel Fine – The Beatles
  3. Go Now – The Moody Blues
  4. Terry – Twinkle
  5. Girl Don’t Come – Sandie Shaw
UK albums chart
  1. Beatles For Sale – The Beatles
  2. The Bachelors And 16 Great Songs – The Bachelors
  3. Lucky 13 Shades Of Val Doonican – Val Doonican
  4. A Hard Day’s Night – The Beatles
  5. Rolling Stones – The Rolling Stones

Ringo got down on his knees and begged Maureen to marry him. She said yes. This took place at the Ad Lib club, so presumably he had a few beers beforehand. This legendary club had only been open a year, and was situated above the Prince Charles Theatre at 7 Leicester Place, and could only be reached by a lift off a walkway. It was run by old-hand Brian Morris, who did it up especially for the rock fraternity – the Beatles, the Stones, the Moody Blues and the Hollies all set up shop at some time or another, as well as the multitude of rock photographers, writers and dress designers that made up London’s high life. One of the major plus points of the club was it’s lax attitude towards banned substances.

“That was the first,” said Paul. “We had started to get a bit of money and a …

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