The Beatles’ diary -- 21st August 1966

Sunday, 21st August 1966

UK singles chart
  1. Yellow Submarine / Eleanor Rigby – The Beatles
  2. With A Girl Like You – Troggs
  3. God Only Knows – The Beach Boys
  4. Black Is Black – Los Bravos
  5. Mama – Dave Berry
UK albums chart
  1. Revolver – The Beatles
  2. The Sound Of Music – Original Soundtrack
  3. Pet Sounds – The Beach Boys
  4. Summer Days (And Summer Nights) – The Beach Boys
  5. Paradise Hawaiian Style – Elvis Presley

Performance at the Busch Stadium in St. Louis, USA (20:30), attended by 23,000 people, as part of their Third American Tour.

They played another show at the Crosley Field in Cincinnati, USA later in the day, attended by 12,000 people, as part of their Third American Tour.

Paul finally relented, and agreed to pack up touring for good after this piss-poor concert in St. Louis. It had been raining all day and water was dripping onto their electric amps. He remembered letting loose in the van out the back: “We did the show in the rain and piled into one of those chrome-lined panel trucks, this terrible empty space, on this tour that had become spiritually rather empty, and this empty playing, and on that one occasion I let off a bit of steam, swore a bit and said, Oh well, I really fucking agree with you. I’ve fucking had it up to here too. And the guys said, ‘We’ve been telling you for weeks, man.’ But finally they had my vote.”

Ed Freeman recalled: “The St. Louis gig was typical… The promoter didn’t want to pay $200 for a roof over the stage, so the …

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