The Beatles’ diary -- 21st November 1960

Monday, 21st November 1960

UK singles chart
  1. It’s Now Or Never – Elvis Presley
  2. As Long As He Needs Me – Shirley Bassey
  3. Rocking Goose – Johnny & The Hurricanes
  4. Only The Lonely – Roy Orbison
  5. Dreamin’ – Johnny Burnette
UK albums chart
  1. South Pacific – Original Soundtrack
  2. Me And My Shadows – Cliff Richard & The Shadows
  3. Elvis Is Back – Elvis Presley
  4. Down Drury Lane To Memory Lane – 101 Strings
  5. The Button Down Mind Of Bob Newhart – Bob Newhart

Performance at the Kaiserkeller in Hamburg, West Germany, as part of their Kaiserkeller residency.

George got deported for being too young to work in nightclubs. He remembered: “It was funny really. We had already been there for about three months and I was 17 and I was up on the bandstand, playing night after night, and at 10 o’clock one evening, they had this thing where you had to show your little pass, your ID, to say who you were. Well, when they came in, they’d stop everything, stop the music, turn on all the lights in the club, and somebody would step on the stage and get the microphone, and say, ‘Mineaheer herren stynstastig mein merren’, which, more or less, means, ‘All right. The game’s up. If you’re 18, you’re okay. But if you’re not 18, then get out.’ Then they’d go round all of the tables and check all the IDs. And after about twenty minutes of that, the lights …

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