The Beatles’ diary -- 22nd August 1964

Saturday, 22nd August 1964

UK singles chart
  1. Do Wah Diddy Diddy – Manfred Mann
  2. A Hard Day’s Night – The Beatles
  3. Have I The Right? – Honeycombs
  4. I Won’t Forget You – Jim Reeves
  5. Call Up The Groups – The Barron Knights
UK albums chart
  1. A Hard Day’s Night – The Beatles
  2. Rolling Stones – The Rolling Stones
  3. Wonderful Life – Cliff Richard
  4. West Side Story – Original Soundtrack
  5. The Bachelors And 16 Great Songs – The Bachelors

Performance at the Empire Stadium in Vancouver, Canada, attended by 20,621 people, as part of their First American Tour. They played Twist And Shout, You Can’t Do That, All My Loving, She Loves You, Things We Said Today, Roll Over Beethoven, Can’t Buy Me Love, If I Fell, I Want To Hold Your Hand, Boys, A Hard Day’s Night and Long Tall Sally.

The tour travelled on to Vancouver, and Larry Kane described the mayhem: “The Bill Black Combo took the stage, and I could hear the pounding of feet and the beginning of the screaming… I began to witness a slow and steady movement of bodies down into the aisles of the middle stands just above the field. Mal Evans was surveying the scene from behind the platform stage. I walked over to the stage, and over the noise, I whispered in his ear, ‘they’re going to storm the field.’” And sure enough, when The Beatles appeared all fucking hell broke loose (as usual). “The police were standing in lines to blockade the fans,” said Kane. “But the lines kept falling back under the weight of the fans. After the third song, ‘All My Loving’, John looked at Paul and they both shook their heads …

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