The Beatles’ diary -- 22nd August 1966

Monday, 22nd August 1966

UK singles chart
  1. Yellow Submarine / Eleanor Rigby – The Beatles
  2. With A Girl Like You – Troggs
  3. God Only Knows – The Beach Boys
  4. Black Is Black – Los Bravos
  5. Mama – Dave Berry
UK albums chart
  1. Revolver – The Beatles
  2. The Sound Of Music – Original Soundtrack
  3. Pet Sounds – The Beach Boys
  4. Summer Days (And Summer Nights) – The Beach Boys
  5. Paradise Hawaiian Style – Elvis Presley

John upped the ante by speaking out against America’s involvement in the Viet Nam war.

Selected questions from a press conference: New York, 22nd Aug 1966

Q: Would any of you care to comment on any aspect of the war in Vietnam?
John: We don’t like it.
Q: Could you elaborate any?
John: No. I’ve elaborated enough, you know. We just don’t like it. We don’t like war.
George: It’s, you know… It’s just war is wrong, and it’s obvious it’s wrong. And that’s all that needs to be said about it.
Paul: We can elaborate in England.
Q: When you arrived at the airport and there were only nine girls waiting to meet you, were you disappointed, and do you think that’s a reflection of a loss of popularity in this country?
John: [Jokingly] Yeah, we’re real brought down by …

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