The Beatles’ diary -- 22nd March 1963

Friday, 22nd March 1963

UK singles chart
  1. Summer Holiday – Cliff Richard
  2. Please Please Me – The Beatles
  3. That’s What Love Will Do – Joe Brown
  4. Like I’ve Never Been Gone – Billy Fury
  5. The Night Has A Thousand Eyes – Bobby Vee
UK albums chart
  1. Summer Holiday – Cliff Richard
  2. Girls Girls Girls – Elvis Presley
  3. I’ll Remember You – Frank Ifield
  4. Sinatra - Basie – Frank Sinatra & Count Basie
  5. West Side Story – Original Soundtrack

‘Please Please Me’ album – front cover ReleasedUK album. Please Please Me Peak position: Disc Weekly – #1; Melody Maker – #1; NME – #1; Record Retailer – #1

Performance at the Gaumont Cinema in Doncaster, as part of their Tommy Roe/Chris Montez Tour. They played Love Me Do, Misery, A Taste Of Honey, Do You Want To Know A Secret, Please Please Me and I Saw Her Standing There.

Released their first UK album: ‘Please Please Me’. It reached number one a couple of months later, and stayed on top for thirty weeks.

This was also the day that the Profumo sex scandal hit the newsstands. The Tory Secretary of State for War, John Profumo, was caught banging Christine Keeler (only 22 years old – good man!). Unfortunately, she had also been fucking just about every other famous bloke in Britain – one of whom was a naval attache at the Russian Embassy. Profumo did the decent thing and denied the whole affair, but as soon the press started prying he had to own up – and both he and the PM were gone by Christmas. This event, along with 50,000 screaming Beatlemaniacs and the introduction of the pill has since been cited as kicking off the Swinging Sixties – a time when …

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