The Beatles’ diary -- 25th August 1967

Friday, 25th August 1967

UK singles chart
  1. San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair) – Scott McKenzie
  2. All You Need Is Love – The Beatles
  3. I’ll Never Fall In Love Again – Tom Jones
  4. Death Of A Clown – Dave Davies
  5. I Was Made To Love Her – Stevie Wonder
UK albums chart
  1. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – The Beatles
  2. Headquarters – The Monkees
  3. The Sound Of Music – Original Soundtrack
  4. Mamas And Papas Deliver – Mamas & Papas
  5. Are You Experienced – Jimi Hendrix Experience
George and the Maharishi on the train to BangorGeorge and the Maharishi – 25 Aug ’67

The Beatles took the train to Bagnor, to attend the Maharishi’s meditation course in Wales. But a dozy policeman mistook Cynthia for a fan, and refused to let her on the train! She recalled: “I watched tearfully as the train drew slowly away from the platform. John, realising that something was missing from his baggage, poked his head out of the window and other heads sprouted out as well, to see what was happening. ‘Tell him to let you on! Tell him you’re with us,’ he shouted. I found it very embarrassing. Brian’s secretary told me not to worry, telling me that Neil would drive me to Bagnor and that we would probably get there before the train. But I found it synonymous with all my premonitions for the future… I just knew, in my heart, as I watched all the people that I loved …

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