The Beatles’ diary -- 25th November 1969

Tuesday, 25th November 1969

UK singles chart
  1. Sugar Sugar – The Archies
  2. (Call Me) Number One – The Tremeloes
  3. Oh Well – Fleetwood Mac
  4. Something / Come Together – The Beatles
  5. Return Of Django / Dollar In The Teeth – Upsetters
UK albums chart
  1. Abbey Road – The Beatles
  2. Motown Chartbusters Vol. 3 – Various Artists
  3. Johnny Cash At San Quentin – Johnny Cash
  4. Led Zeppelin II – Led Zeppelin
  5. Tom Jones Live In Las Vegas – Tom Jones
John’s Niagra-Biafra protest letterJohn’s Nigeria-Biafra letter – 25 Nov ’69

Recording session for the radio show ‘Today’ at the Apple Corps This show was transmitted on 26th November (BBC Radio 4) and featured an interview with John Lennon.

John returned his MBE. He sent his chauffeur round to Mimi’s to fetch it and didn’t tell her why. “He broke my heart over that,” she said. “He didn’t tell me first why it was being taken away.” He sent it off to Buckingham Palace with a letter protesting “about Britain’s involvement in the Niagra-Biafra thing, our support of America in Vietnam, and ‘Cold Turkey’ slipping down the chart.” The Queen retaliated by returning all of her Beatles albums to HMV. His letter read:

“Your Majesty,
I am returning this MBE in protest against Britain’s involvement in the Nigeria-Biafra thing, against our support of America in Vietnam, and against ‘Cold Turkey’ slipping down the charts.
With Love,
John Lennon of Bag”

The old war-heroes, who complained about him getting it in the first place, duly …

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