The Beatles’ diary -- 27th August 1966

Saturday, 27th August 1966

UK singles chart
  1. Yellow Submarine / Eleanor Rigby – The Beatles
  2. God Only Knows – The Beach Boys
  3. With A Girl Like You – Troggs
  4. They’re Coming To Take Me Away Ha-Haa – Napoleon XIV
  5. Mama – Dave Berry
UK albums chart
  1. Revolver – The Beatles
  2. The Sound Of Music – Original Soundtrack
  3. Pet Sounds – The Beach Boys
  4. Summer Days (And Summer Nights) – The Beach Boys
  5. Blonde On Blonde – Bob Dylan

The Beatles attended a press conference in Seattle.

Selected questions from a press conference: Seattle, 27th Aug 1966

Q: John, could you please tell me something about your new movie, ‘How I Won The War?’
John: Oh, I don’t know anything about it except for I’m in it, and it’s about the last world war.
Q: I’d like to address a question to Paul McCartney. Would you confirm or deny the report of your marriage to Jane Asher in Seattle this evening?
Paul: [Jokingly] It’s tonight, yeah.
Q: What time and where?
Paul: Tonight – but I can’t tell you that, now can I?
Paul: I couldn’t tell ya… it’s a secret.
George: It’s a secret. We don’t want all the people there, do we?
Q: You are confirming the report?
Paul: No, not really. It was… it’s a joke. Who started …

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