The Beatles’ diary -- 27th August 1967

Sunday, 27th August 1967

UK singles chart
  1. San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair) – Scott McKenzie
  2. I’ll Never Fall In Love Again – Tom Jones
  3. All You Need Is Love – The Beatles
  4. Even The Bad Times Are Good – The Tremeloes
  5. The House That Jack Built – Alan Price Set
UK albums chart
  1. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – The Beatles
  2. Headquarters – The Monkees
  3. The Sound Of Music – Original Soundtrack
  4. Best Of The Beach Boys – The Beach Boys
  5. Mamas And Papas Deliver – Mamas & Papas

Brian Epstein died from an overdose of Carbitol. He was 32 years old. Alistair Taylor remembered getting the call: “Brian’s secretary rang to say she’d had a call from the house that something was wrong. Brian’s butler and housekeeper couldn’t get Brian to respond to knocks on his bedroom door. His door was locked and they hadn’t seen him since Friday night. I got a horrible sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. I rushed to get a cab and Joanne [Brian’s secretary] opened the door, looking like death warmed up herself, and said just one word: ‘Upstairs’. I ran up the stairs two at a time and as I was half-way up I heard the sound of splintering wood. The doctor had put his shoulder to the door and forced it open in a sensible piece of direct action. I followed him into the …

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