The Beatles’ diary -- 27th June 1965

Sunday, 27th June 1965

UK singles chart
  1. I’m Alive – The Hollies
  2. Crying In The Chapel – Elvis Presley
  3. The Price Of Love – The Everly Brothers
  4. Trains And Boats And Planes – Burt Bacharach
  5. Colours – Donovan
UK albums chart
  1. The Sound Of Music – Original Soundtrack
  2. Bringing It All Back Home – Bob Dylan
  3. Mary Poppins – Original Soundtrack
  4. Hit Maker – Burt Bacharach
  5. ukalbum-beatles-for-sale-1 – The Beatles

The Beatles alienated one of their most famous fans, Noel Coward, by telling him to get lost when he came backstage. He later complained: “The noise was deafening throughout and I couldn’t hear a word they sang or a note they played. I went backstage and Brian Epstein told me that they had gone back to the hotel… so I went there and was told that they refused to see me. I thought that this was graceless in the extreme, but decided to play it with firmness and dignity. I told Wendy [Brian Epstein’s assistant] to go and fetch one of them and she finally reappeared with Paul McCartney. The poor boy was quite amiable and I sent messages of congratulations to his colleagues, although the message I would have liked to have sent them was that they were bad-mannered little shits.”

Paul …

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