The Beatles’ diary -- 28th October 1961

Saturday, 28th October 1961

UK singles chart
  1. Walking Back To Happiness – Helen Shapiro
  2. Wild Wind – John Leyton
  3. Michael – Highwaymen
  4. When The Girl In Your Arms Is The Girl In Your Heart – Cliff Richard
  5. Jealousy – Billy Fury
UK albums chart
  1. The Shadows – The Shadows
  2. The Black And White Minstrel Show – The George Mitchell Minstrels
  3. Another Black And White Minstrel Show – The George Mitchell Minstrels
  4. 21 Today – Cliff Richard
  5. South Pacific – Original Soundtrack

Performance at the Aintree Institute in Aintree, Liverpool.

The Beatles’ enthusiastic plugging of the ‘My Bonnie’ single all over Liverpool finally paid off when Raymond Jones walked into Brian Epstein’s record store and ordered one.

Or did he? Maybe he didn’t – because this kid called ‘Raymond Jones’ is one of the great Beatle mysteries. Brian recalled the scene in ‘A Cellarful Of Noise’: “At about three o’clock on Saturday, October 28th, an eighteen-year-old boy called Raymond Jones, wearing jeans and a black leather jacket, walked into the record store and said, ‘There’s a record I want. It’s ‘My Bonnie’ and it was made in Germany. Have you got it?’” He hadn’t. “The name ‘Beatle’ meant nothing to me,” he said, “though I vaguely recalled seeing it on a poster advertising a university dance at New Brighton Tower. I wrote on a pad: ‘My …

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