The Beatles’ diary -- 29th April 1970

Wednesday, 29th April 1970

UK singles chart
  1. All Kinds Of Everything – Dana
  2. Spirit In The Sky – Norman Greenbaum
  3. Bridge Over Troubled Water – Simon & Garfunkel
  4. Can’t Help Falling In Love – Andy Williams
  5. Knock Knock Who’s There – Mary Hopkin
UK albums chart
  1. Bridge Over Troubled Water – Simon & Garfunkel
  2. Greatest Hits – Andy Williams
  3. Led Zeppelin II – Led Zeppelin
  4. Paint Your Wagon – Original Soundtrack
  5. Easy Rider – Original Soundtrack

John and Yoko’s final Primal Therapy session. After it was over Arthur Janov suggested that they carry on their treatment at his Primal Institute clinic in California, so they flew out next day and ended up staying for four months.

John got a lot out of these sessions and said “he showed me how to feel my own fear and pain, so I could handle it better than I could before.” The set of songs that came out would remain the most personal and soul-searching he ever wrote. One had the cheery title ‘My Mummy’s Dead’, and ‘Mother’ bemoaned that “you had me, but I never had you.” ‘Working Class Hero’ concentrated on the pressure of his school years, and ‘Isolation’ saw him recount the daily grind of being John and Yoko (“Just a boy and a little girl/Trying to change the whole wide …

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