The Beatles’ diary -- 30th September 1968

Monday, 30th September 1968

UK singles chart
  1. Those Were The Days – Mary Hopkin
  2. Hey Jude – The Beatles
  3. Jesamine – Casuals
  4. I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You – The Bee Gees
  5. Hold Me Tight – Johnny Nash
UK albums chart
  1. Bookends – Simon & Garfunkel
  2. Greatest Hits – The Hollies
  3. Delilah – Tom Jones
  4. Wheels Of Fire – Cream
  5. Live At The Talk Of The Town – The Seekers

Hunter Davies biography on The Beatles, called ‘The Beatles’, was published in the UK. “All four of them read it,” he said. “But George moaned that I hadn’t done enough on the spiritual side and the Indian mysticism. So, I said, ‘Well, it’s a biography on the group. It’s not your views on the subject.’ Paul liked it, Ringo liked it, and John liked it and they insisted on no changes. Nobody insisted on any changes. In fact, nobody insisted on any changes except, by a sequence of events, John’s Aunt Mimi who got hold of the book. She looked at the early chapters and saw John swearing. She said, ‘John doesn’t swear. He’s never sworn in his life.’ John admitted to stealing stuff from Woolworths or wherever, but Mimi said, ‘That’s not true!’ So, she moaned at me and drove John round …

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