The Beatles’ diary -- 9th May 1969

Friday, 9th May 1969

UK singles chart
  1. Get Back – The Beatles
  2. Goodbye – Mary Hopkin
  3. The Israelites – Desmond Dekker & The Aces
  4. Pinball Wizard – The Who
  5. Come Back And Shake Me – Clodagh Rodgers
UK albums chart
  1. Best Of The Seekers – The Seekers
  2. Songs From A Room – Leonard Cohen
  3. On The Threshold Of A Dream – The Moody Blues
  4. Elvis NBC TV Special – Elvis Presley
  5. Goodbye – Cream

George released his solo album ‘Electronic Sound’, and John released his solo album ‘Unfinished Music No.2 – Life With The Lions’. Both of them were pretty dismal. John’s album peaked at number 174! This was also the date of a torturous business meeting when they all ganged up on Paul, and tried to get him to sign the ABKCO deal, but he held his ground and they all stormed off in a huff. “I was saying, ‘He’ll take 15 per cent. We’re massive, we’re the biggest act in the world, he’ll take 15 per cent,’” said Paul. “But for some reason the three of them were so keen to go with him that they really bullied me and ganged up on me. It sounds a bit wimpy but anyway they outvoted me on these issues. They said, ‘He’s got to have 20 per cent.’ And Klein of course saw all this and said, ‘I …

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