The Beatles’ diary -- 9th November 1961

Thursday, 9th November 1961

UK singles chart
  1. Walking Back To Happiness – Helen Shapiro
  2. Wild Wind – John Leyton
  3. When The Girl In Your Arms Is The Girl In Your Heart – Cliff Richard
  4. His Latest Flame / Little Sisters – Elvis Presley
  5. Bless You – Tony Orlando
UK albums chart
  1. 21 Today – Cliff Richard
  2. Another Black And White Minstrel Show – The George Mitchell Minstrels
  3. The Shadows – The Shadows
  4. South Pacific – Original Soundtrack
  5. That’ll Be The Day – Buddy Holly

Performance at the Cavern Club in Liverpool.

They played another show at the Town Hall Ballroom in Litherland, Liverpool later in the day.

The famous day when Brian met The Beatles. Alistair Taylor remembered: “Brian suggested that we take a look at this strangely popular group of musicians on our way to lunch. It only took us a few minutes to walk up Mathew Street. I paid at the door with two half crowns and we sat at the back.”

“I asked a girl to have a word with the Cavern beforehand,” said Brian, “to ensure that I wasn’t stopped at the door. I have never enjoyed scenes at doors with bouncers and people asking for ‘your membership card, sir,’ or that sort of thing. I arrived at the greasy steps leading to the vast cellar and descended gingerly past a surging crowd of beat fans to a desk where a large man sat examining membership cards. He knew my name and he nodded to an opening in the wall which led into the …

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