The Beatles’ diary -- August 1967

August 1967

Tuesday, 1st August

George and Patti flew to Los Angeles for a little holiday, and rented a house on Blue Jay Way.

Friday, 4th August

‘The Beatles’ First’ album – front cover ReleasedUK album. The Beatles’ First Peak position: Record Retailer – Didn’t enter

George went to see Ravi Shankar playing at The Hollywood Bowl.

Saturday, 5th August

The ‘Melody Maker’ carried an interview with Brian Epstein, in which he admitted taking LSD five times in the last fourteen months. He also proclaimed that “pot, marijuana or hash, or whatever you like to call it, is less harmful than say, alcohol.” And he also admitted that the thing he feared the most in this world was “Loneliness. I hope I’ll never be lonely, although, actually, one inflicts loneliness on oneself to a certain extent.” (Prophetic words.)

Tuesday, 8th August

George went strolling around San Francisco’s hippy commune pied-piper style, busking ‘Baby, You’re A Rich Man’ to anyone who cared to listen.

Monday, 14th August

Queenie came to stay with Brian in London. His dad had died of a heart attack a few weeks back which made him even more depressed. She finally returned to Liverpool on the 24th, the same day that the Beatles started packing for Wales. This wasn’t a particularly happy time for Brian.

Friday, 18th August

Maureen gave birth to Ringo’s second son, and called him Jason.

Tuesday, 22nd August

Recording session at Chappell Recording Studios (19:00) during which they recorded Your Mother Should Know.

Wednesday, 23rd August

Recording session at Chappell Recording Studios (19:00) during which they recorded Your Mother Should Know.

This was the last session that Brian ever attended (because he died four days later). They were working on the song ‘Your Mother Should Know’. By now, Brian’s daily routine had become truly bizarre – often not arriving into the office until well-after tea-time. He was getting more and more depressed with every passing week, and was relying on sleeping pills to get him through the night. Pete Shotton remembered John saying: “Brian’s in a terrible state. The guy’s head is a total mess, and we’re all really worried about him. But we just don’t know what the fuck we can do about it.”

Thursday, 24th August

John, Paul and George attended the Maharishi’s lecture at the Hilton Hotel, London. Patti Harrison had already been a member since February, and finally convinced George to drag his mates along.

Friday, 25th August

George and the Maharishi on the train to BangorGeorge and the Maharishi – 25 Aug ’67

The Beatles took the train to Bagnor, to attend the Maharishi’s meditation course in Wales.

Saturday, 26th August

Inspired by the Maharishi’s lectures, The Beatles announced that they were giving up hallucinogenic drugs (…but they were still going to smoke pot, of course).

Sunday, 27th August

Brian Epstein died from an overdose of Carbitol. He was 32 years old. They found some letters on the sheets, a plate of biscuits on the table, and a glass and half a bottle of lemon on the side. There was no suicide note.

Tuesday, 29th August

Brian was buried at a Jewish cemetery in Liverpool. It was a strictly family affair, and The Beatles weren’t invited.

Thursday, 31st August

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