The Beatles’ diary -- December 1960

December 1960

Thursday, 1st December

Allan Williams opened his very own Hamburg-style club at 100 Soho Street, and called it after the Top Ten. But one week later the club was burned down to the ground and rumours went round of teddy boys flicking matches at the petrol cans.

Saturday, 10th December

Stuart had got engaged to Astrid so he stayed behind in Hamburg, but John set off home. When he got home he went to bed for a week. But Paul and Pete had already been back a fortnight, and it was some time before they got in touch with each other.

Saturday, 17th December

Performance at the Casbah Coffee Club in West Derby, Liverpool.

Their first gig back after Hamburg was at The Casbah Coffee Club. But because Stu had chosen to stay behind in Hamburg, the Beatles found themselves without a bass-player. So they quickly drafted in Chas Newby to replace him.

Saturday, 24th December

Performance at the Grosvenor Ballroom in Liscard, Wallasey.

Tuesday, 27th December

Performance at the Town Hall Ballroom in Litherland, Liverpool.

Beatlemania was born! Their first 'big' gig back was at the Litherland Town Hall, and “it was an amazing night,” said Wooler. “When I heard them, I was fab-ergasted.”

Saturday, 31st December

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