The Beatles’ diary -- December 1968

December 1968

Sometime during December (date unknown) John and Yoko produced the amusing movie ‘Rape’ for Australian television. They ordered a camera crew to hound a young woman until she started crying. They followed her around day and night – even following her into her house (for which her sister had kindly provided the key!). The idea was to chronicle her changing attitude to the camera crew, which ranged from curiosity and joviality, to bafflement, irritation and finally fear. John said: “We are trying to show how all of us are exposed and under pressure in our contemporary world. What is happening to this girl on the screen is happening in Biafra, Vietnam, everywhere.” The press, by now, was having an absolute field day, and John and Yoko’s prolonged mistreatment in print was beginning …

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Monday, 2nd December

George’s first solo album ‘Wonderwall Music’ was released in the US.

Wednesday, 4th December

George sent a memo to all the Apple staff, warning them that he had inadvertently invited a gang of Hell’s Angels over. (Nice one, George.)

Tuesday, 10th December

John took part in The Rolling Stones’ Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus. Mick Jagger wore his ringmaster’s outfit, and John was dressed up in a juggler’s coat. Yoko was kitted out as a witch.

Wednesday, 11th December

Recording session for the radio show ‘Night Ride’ This show was transmitted live (BBC Radio 1 & 2) and featured an interview with John Lennon.

Tuesday, 17th December

The ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ movie was released in America – a full year after it’s British release. Ringo’s film ‘Candy’ was premiered at the same time.

Wednesday, 18th December

John and Yoko performed at an Underground Christmas Party at the Royal Albert Hall. Their ‘set’ consisted of them tied up in a white sheet bag on the edge of the stage, to ensure “total communication.”

Friday, 20th December

‘The Beatles’ Sixth Christmas Record’ fan-club disc – front cover ReleasedUK fan-club disc. The Beatles’ Sixth Christmas Record

‘The Beatles’ Sixth Christmas Record’ fan-club disc – front cover ReleasedUSA fan-club disc. The Beatles’ Sixth Christmas Record

Monday, 23rd December

The Beatles held a little Christmas party for all the staff at Savile Row. is not affiliated with or approved by The Beatles, Apple, MPL, EMI or Capitol Records.
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