The Beatles’ diary -- December 1970

December 1970

Tuesday, 8th December

John’s famous interview for ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine, in which he slagged off just about everybody in the world, was published in two parts, on the 21st January and the 4th February 1971. (And it was also turned into a book, called ‘Lennon Remembers’.)

Friday, 11th December

John released his ‘John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band’ LP. His use of the word “fucking” on the song ‘Working Class Hero’ caused mass panic in the music press. EMI tried leaving it off the sleeve notes in an effort to quell the censure, but mums and dads everywhere started spitting teeth.

Monday, 14th December

John and Yoko started filming ‘Up Your Legs Forever’, in which a seemingly endless line of nubile men and women paraded their bare butts for five seconds, before making way for someone else.

Friday, 18th December

‘From Then To You’ album – front cover ReleasedUK album. From Then To You

Saturday, 19th December

John and Yoko started filming ‘Fly’. The idea behind this one was to have a naked lady lying on a bed, whilst a fly walked up and down her body. The part of ‘lady’ was given to the superbly named Virginia ‘Lust’.

Monday, 28th December

John released his solo single ‘Mother / Why’ in the States.

Thursday, 31st December

Paul filed his lawsuit against The Beatles and Co. to dissolve their business partnership. The trial began on February 19th, and the Judge issued his verdict one month later. He ended up siding with Paul, and appointed a receiver for all of Apple’s assets. is not affiliated with or approved by The Beatles, Apple, MPL, EMI or Capitol Records.
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