The Beatles’ diary -- February 1958

February 1958

Sometime during February (possibly the 6th) Paul introduced George to the band. He was keen as mustard to get him into the group because they’d been best mates for months. But John was apathetic. “He was just too much,” he said. “He was too fucking young. He was doing a delivery round and just seemed like a kid. He came round once and asked me to go to the pictures with him but I pretended I was busy. He would follow me down the street… Me and my girlfriend would come out of school and he’d be hovering around. And we’d be going to a coffee shop, or a movie, and he’d follow us down the street two hundred yards behind. And she would say, ‘Who is that guy? What does he want?’ And I’d say, ‘He just wants to hang out. Should we take him with us?’ And she’d say, ‘Oh, okay, let’s take …

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Thursday, 6th February

Performance at the Wilson Hall in Garston, Liverpool.

Paul introduced George to the band. George’s arrival meant that the band now had four guitarists, and that was one too many. So Nigel Whalley was given the unenviable task of kicking Eric out.

Thursday, 20th February

The Quarrymen went to see Buddy Holly performing at the Liverpool Empire. is not affiliated with or approved by The Beatles, Apple, MPL, EMI or Capitol Records.
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