The Beatles’ diary -- January 1959

January 1959

George’s dad set them up with a gig at the busman’s club, but John and Paul ruined the night by getting a bit tiddly. Colin Hampton recalled the story in Hunter Davies’ good book The Quarrymen: “At half-time the curtain was supposed to close but the guy pulling them couldn’t quite manage it. So John ad-libbed, and was very funny, and we did a sixth song. We went down really well and the audience loved it. When we came off the bloke in charge said, ‘Very good lads, there’s a pint for you at the bar.’ Well, that was the worst thing he could have said to us,” said Colin. “Because in those days we didn’t just stop at one pint – not when it was free.”

Colin said they all got totally wrecked except poor little George, whose mum and dad were sitting primly in the front row. “The second …

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Thursday, 1st January

Performance at the Wilson Hall in Garston, Liverpool.

Saturday, 24th January

Performance at the Woolton Village Club in Woolton, Liverpool. is not affiliated with or approved by The Beatles, Apple, MPL, EMI or Capitol Records.
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