The Beatles’ diary -- January 1966

January 1966

The first three months of 1966 were kept free from tours and commitments so the Beatles could recharge their batteries. But this lack of stuff to do simply sent John back to bed. He spent the whole time tripping-out on LSD. Pete Shotton recalled it “smoothing away the rough edges of his personality, virtually curing him of his arrogance and paranoia overnight.” “If I’m on my own for three days,” he said, “doing nothing… then I almost leave myself completely. I’m up there watching myself, or I’m at the back of my head. I can see my hands and realise they’re moving, but it’s a robot who’s doing it.” Maureen Cleave, of the London ‘Evening Standard’, who interviewed him around this time, described him as being “the laziest person in Britain.” John said: “A couple of weeks of telly is …

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Wednesday, 12th January

John flew to Spain for a little holiday with Ringo.

Friday, 21st January

George Harrison and Patti Boyd at their weddingGeorge and Patti Boyd – 21 Jan ’66
Brian Epstein congratulating George and PattiBrian congratulating the newlyweds – 21 Jan ’66

George married Pattie Boyd at the Leatherhead and Esher Register Office. Paul turned up (because he was joint-best-man with Brian) but the others were away on holiday and missed it.

Saturday, 22nd January

George and Patti went on honeymoon to Barbados. A reporter asked him how he managed to keep it a secret, and he replied “Simple. We didn’t tell anyone!” is not affiliated with or approved by The Beatles, Apple, MPL, EMI or Capitol Records.
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