The Beatles’ diary -- January 1968

January 1968

Sometime in January (date unknown) Pete Shotton quit as manager of the Apple Boutique and was replaced by the more experienced John Lyndon. He coolly informed The Fool that if they carried on nicking any more stuff he would boot them out. He also abruptly stopped their expense account. They stuck it out for two more months and then packed their bags and left – out of the Beatles’ lives forever.

Now that Pete was unemployed John took him up as a PA – opening his post, paying his bills, buying his stuff and selling etc. He also started chauffeuring him around town.

Friday, 5th January

The BBC repeated the ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ movie, but in colour this time. This was also the day that the Beatles’ biographer, Hunter Davies, tracked down Freddie Lennon for his book. John then met him at Kenwood, and after a few more meetings they kissed and made-up, and remained friendly for the rest of their lives. John even bought him a brand new flat. He also gave his blessing to his impending marriage to the nineteen-year-old Pauline Jones. They were originally going to wait until she was twenty-one because her mum refused to give consent, but they sneaked off to Scotland and married there instead.

Friday, 12th January

George flew to India to produce the ‘Wonderwall’ soundtrack. He did it at Bombay EMI: “It was fantastic, really,” he said. “The studio’s on top of the offices but there’s no soundproofing. So if you listen closely to some of the Indian tracks on the LP you can hear taxis going by. Every time the offices knocked off at 5.30pm we had to stop recording because you could just hear everybody stomping down the steps. They only had a big old EMI mono machine. It was too incredible. I mixed everything as we did it. It was nice enough because you get spoiled working on eight- and sixteen-tracks.”

Monday, 22nd January

The Beatles bought up 34, Boston Place, to house their Apple Electronics lab. They also took out a one-year lease on 95 Wigmore Street to accommodate their fledgling Apple empire. It was here that the Beatles’ hard-core, come-in-all-weather fans gained the affectionate nickname ‘Apple Scruffs’.

Thursday, 25th January

The Beatles filmed their short cameo at the end of the ‘Yellow Submarine’ movie.

Saturday, 27th January

Recording session for the radio show ‘The Kenny Everett Show’ at the Kenwood (John’s house) This show was transmitted on 4th February (BBC Radio 1) and featured an interview with John Lennon. is not affiliated with or approved by The Beatles, Apple, MPL, EMI or Capitol Records.
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