The Beatles’ diary -- January 1970

January 1970

Friday, 2nd January

‘The Times’ reported that The Star-Club was shutting up for the very last time. (It re-opened a few days later as a theatre for erotic shows.) This was also the day that Derek Taylor quit Apple and bagged a job at Warner Brothers.

Saturday, 3rd January

Recording session at EMI Studios No. 2 (14:30–00:15) during which they recorded I Me Mine and For You Blue.

Sunday, 4th January

Recording session at EMI Studios No. 2 (14:30–04:00) during which they recorded Let It Be.

The Beatles last-ever session. Only Paul, George and Ringo turned up because John was still holidaying in Denmark.

Monday, 5th January

Glyn Johns presented The Beatles with attempt No.2 at the ‘Get Back’ LP but they still didn’t like it, so Klein started sounding out Phil Spector. John said “It was twenty-nine hours of tape, it was like a movie. I mean just so much tape – ten, twenty takes of everything, because we were rehearsing and taping everything. Nobody could face looking at it. So when Spector came around, it was like, ‘Well, alright, if you want to work with us, go and do your audition, man.’

Thursday, 15th January

John opened his ‘Bag One’ exhibition at the London Arts Gallery, with fourteen of his lithographs.

Friday, 16th January

The police raided John’s art-show and nabbed eight of his lewd lithographs. Three days later the press announced that the price of the remaining six had rocketed to £550 each.

Tuesday, 20th January

John went to the barbers and had a short back and sides – which the ‘Daily Mirror’ described as “the most sensational scalping since the Red Indians went out of business.” A local newspaper said: “The once shaggy Beatle and his wife were shorn of their locks in a North Jutland barn. But mourning Beatlemaniacs need not despair. Their hair is being kept in plastic bags, although for what purpose is not known.”

Tuesday, 27th January

John recorded his solo single ‘Instant Karma!’. George played the lead. This was effectively Phil Spector’s audition for the ‘Get Back’ LP, which he passed with flying colours. But fuck knows how they settled on him, because the whole idea behind ‘Get Back’ was to record it live, with no overdubs. And Spector was famous for having the most heavy-handed production in pop!

Thursday, 29th January

Allen Klein was charged with ten tax offences in the New York District Court, for failing to file his tax returns (…in his defence, Klein claimed that he gave the job to a junior member of staff, who somehow forgot to do it). This was also the day that Ringo’s film ‘The Magic Christian’ was released in the States. is not affiliated with or approved by The Beatles, Apple, MPL, EMI or Capitol Records.
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