The Beatles’ diary -- July 1967

July 1967

Sometime during July (date unknown) John was introduced to Magic Alex. He used to have a very good line in electronic toys and inventions and “John was totally ignorant of the tricks that one can make with electricity,” said Cynthia. “He really believed that Alex had something magical about him.” He immediately started ingratiating his way into the Beatles’ camp and started spending money. “He was quite cunning in the way that he pitched his thing,” said John Dunbar, “because he knew that I knew all that kind of science stuff. He wasn’t a complete charlatan in the sense that he didn’t know anything. He did. And he knew enough to know how to wind people up and to what extent. But he was a fucking TV repairman: Yanni Mardas, none of this ‘Magic Alex’ shit!”

To give him his dues …

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Sunday, 2nd July

George introduced Patti to Eric Clapton, at a party around Brian house. (Not one of his brightest ideas.)

Friday, 7th July

‘All You Need Is Love’ single – front cover ReleasedUK single. All You Need Is Love Peak position: BBC – #1; Disc Weekly – #1; Melody Maker – #1; NME – #1; Record Retailer – #1

Monday, 17th July

‘All You Need Is Love’ single – front cover ReleasedUSA single. All You Need Is Love Peak position: Billboard – #1; Cashbox – #1; Record World – #1

Thursday, 20th July

George and Ringo flew to Greece (John and Paul flew out two days later). This was all part of John’s bizarre plan to buy an island and go and live on it. He’d already bought a little one off the coast of Ireland, but it must have been too fucking windy or something, because he started searching around for another one straight away. His new best mate, Magic Alex, suggested that he snap one up in Greece, where they were “virtually giving them away”, and he went off with Alistair Taylor on a fact-finding mission. “We went off for about a week,” he said, “and short listed three. I reported back and they said ‘Right, let’s go out there’.” But there was one little snag – the newly-installed Greek military government had just banned democracy, long-hair and rock ‘n’ roll (true!)… but …

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Monday, 24th July

The Beatles bought and signed the petition to legalise cannabis, which appeared as an advert in ‘The Times’. The advert read:

The signatories to this petition suggest to the Home Secretary that he implement a five-point programme of cannabis law reform:
1. The government should permit and encourage research into all aspects of cannabis use, including its medical applications.
2. Allowing the smoking of cannabis on private premises should no longer constitute an offence.
3. Cannabis should be taken off the dangerous drugs list and controlled, rather than prohibited, by a new ‘ad hoc’ instrument.
4. Possession of cannabis should either be legally permitted or at most be considered a misdemeanour, punishable by a fine of not more than £10 for a first offence and not more than £25 for …

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Thursday, 27th July

The courts finally legalised homosexuality. (But it came too late for Brian, because he was dead within a month.)

Monday, 31st July

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