The Beatles’ diary -- June 1956

June 1956

Sometime towards the middle of 1956 (date unknown) John and his best-mate Pete Shotton got together and formed a skiffle band called The Quarrymen. They nicked a washboard out the shed and got his mum to bag a tea-chest from the grocers. By fitting an old broom handle to the top and a string from top to toe they had a ready-made double-bass. They then asked their mate Bill Smith to join up too, and knocked out a very bad version of Lonnie Donegan’s ‘Rock Island Line’.

It wasn’t too long after that that John decided to kick Bill out. He never bothered turning up for the practice sessions so he was replaced by Ivan Vaughan and Nigel Whalley in turn. But what they really needed though, was someone to play the guitar – so John enlisted Eric Griffiths. John’s mum was pretty good on …

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Monday, 18th June

Paul had already become pretty friendly with George because they got the same bus to school. “He used to get on at the stop after mine,” he remembered. “He had what we used to call a bit of a ‘Tony Curtis’, greased back, you know? So we got chatting on the bus and became good friends.” is not affiliated with or approved by The Beatles, Apple, MPL, EMI or Capitol Records.
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