The Beatles’ diary -- March 1965

March 1965

Monday, 1st March

The Cavern Club closed down.

Wednesday, 3rd March

George Martin received a small pay rise for his good work with The Beatles.

Saturday, 13th March

The Beatles flew to Austria to continue filming ‘Help!’.

Sunday, 14th March

Mal Evans remembered his swimming scene: “They put a big hole in the ice and the first time I go down, I come up and I can’t talk. I’m just frozen to the bone. So, I had to do it again and the third time, they put a big iron weight in the bottom of the hole and Dick Lester says, ‘Hang on to it as long as you can while we finish the shot.’”

Thursday, 18th March

John and George started up a brand new company – Hayling Supermarkets Ltd, and bought Pete Shotton a shop for twenty grand. (That would be about a-quarter-of-a-million quid in today’s money.) And he made a success of it! This eventually led him to get the bosses seat at Apple boutique.

Friday, 19th March

Recording session for the radio show ‘Saturday Club’ This show was transmitted on 20th March (BBC Light Programme) and featured interviews with John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr.

Saturday, 20th March

Recording session for the radio show ‘The Beatles’ This show was transmitted on 21st March (Radio Luxembourg) and featured interviews with John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr.

Monday, 22nd March

‘The Early Beatles’ album – front cover ReleasedUSA album. The Early Beatles Peak position: Billboard – #43; Cashbox – #24; Record World – #29

Saturday, 27th March

John and George had their first encounter with LSD after their dentist-mate spiked their after-dinner drinks with an impregnated sugar-cube.

Sunday, 28th March

John on ‘Thank Your Lucky Stars’John on ‘Thank Your Lucky Stars’ – 28 Mar ’65Photo: David Redfearn
George rehearsing for ‘Thank Your Lucky Stars’George rehearsing ‘Ticket To Ride’ – 28 Mar ’65

Recording session for the TV show ‘Thank Your Lucky Stars’ at the Alpha Television Studios. This show was broadcast on 3rd April (ABC). They played Eight Days A Week, Yes It Is and Ticket To Ride.

Tuesday, 30th March

Recording session at EMI Studios No. 2 (19:00–22:00) during which they recorded That Means A Lot and You’re Going To Lose That Girl. is not affiliated with or approved by The Beatles, Apple, MPL, EMI or Capitol Records.
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