The Beatles’ diary -- March 1969

March 1969

Sunday, 2nd March

John played a little show at Cambridge University. This was the first time that a Beatle appeared on stage solo. Yoko provided some screams and shouts and groans and moans and John stayed in the shadows, playing some guitar feedback down the microphone. The entire ‘concert’ was recorded and released as the second side of ‘Unfinished Music No.2 – Life With The Lions’.

Tuesday, 4th March

Recording session for the radio show ‘Scene And Heard’ at the Apple Corps This show was transmitted on 8th March (BBC Radio 1) and featured an interview with George Harrison.

Monday, 10th March

Glyn Johns reconvened at Olympic Studios with the ‘Get Back’ session tapes and attempted to mix-down a presentable album. His task was formidable. There were over 530 tape reels and 100 hours of music to sift through.

Wednesday, 12th March

Paul married Linda in a shotgun wedding at the Marylebone Register Office (she was already four months pregnant).

Saturday, 15th March

John and Yoko were prevented from getting a ferry to France because they forgot their passports.

Sunday, 16th March

John and Yoko flew to France with the intention of getting married in Paris, but they didn’t have the necessary visas, so they flew to Gibraltar a few days later. Alistair Taylor remembered: “It was a beautiful misty morning and I saw John and Yoko, both in white, running towards the plane to meet me. I had laid on the champagne as always and they seemed so carefree and in love with each other.”

Wednesday, 19th March

George and Patti were bailed to appear on drugs charges.

Thursday, 20th March

John and Yoko got married at the British Consulate in Gibraltar. (Interesting note: Paul got married in public and honeymooned in secret, and John did it the other way around – he got married in secret, and honeymooned in public!) This whole event was immortalised in the song ‘The Ballad Of John And Yoko’. Peter Brown acted as best man. They stayed in Gibraltar for a grand total of sixty minutes before flying back to Paris.

Friday, 21st March

Allen Klein was officially appointed business manager of Apple.

Monday, 24th March

John and Yoko had lunch with Salvador Dali.

Tuesday, 25th March

John and Yoko’s ‘bed-in’ at the Amsterdam Hilton, in room 902. All of this was immortalised in the song ‘The Ballad Of John And Yoko’ where he says “talking in our beds for a week… just trying to get us some peace.”

Friday, 28th March

Dick James sold his shares in Northern Songs, causing consternation at Apple. He gave his 32% to Sir Lew Grade for £3 million quid and a stack of shares in ATV. Grade already had 3% himself, so when he got thirty-two from James he found he had a controlling interest.

Monday, 31st March

George and Patti coming out of courtGeorge and Patti leaving court – 31 Mar ’69

John and Yoko flew to Vienna to promote their new movie ‘Rape’. As the press fired off questions at the celebrity couple, they sat inside a white sheet bag singing songs and shouting. is not affiliated with or approved by The Beatles, Apple, MPL, EMI or Capitol Records.
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