The Beatles’ diary -- November 1968

November 1968

Sometime in November (date unknown) ‘Melody Maker’ ran an article called “Has Apple Gone Rotten?” In it, Derek Taylor was forced to admit: “We are now more or less a record company… We started off with grandiose ideas, but it’s difficult to be grandiose in a glum society like the one which we have here.” ‘Melody Maker’s’ journo, Alan Walsh, then started asking about the piles and piles of audition tapes and poetry that was stacking up out the back, and Taylor replied: “Why should we reply? We didn’t ask for the letter in the first place and we don’t owe them a letter back.”

Upon reading the interview, Paul was quite stung by the criticism and started whipping Apple into shape. Peter Brown said: “There was a point when Paul, with the support of the others, went looking for a major …

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Friday, 1st November

George’s ‘Wonderwall Music’ was released in the UK. This was the very first album to be released on the Apple label (and the first solo album by a Beatle).

Monday, 4th November

Yoko Ono was admitted into hospital, suffering from stress.

Thursday, 7th November

Buoyed by the success of the ‘Hey Jude’ promo, Paul championed the idea of returning to the stage. “I was like, ‘Hey guys! C’mon! We can’t sit around, we gotta do something. We’re The Beatles!’”

Friday, 8th November

John and Cynthia’s divorce came through, and Cynthia got custody of the kid. She also got $2,400 for Julian’s school fees, and $100,000 went into a trust which he could have on his twenty-fifth birthday. (This eventually led to a little falling out with Yoko, because the terms of the trust provided that any future kids would have an equal share. So when Yoko gave birth to Sean in the seventies, Julian’s share dropped to fifty grand.)

Monday, 11th November

John’s first solo album Two Virgins was released in the US. EMI took one look at the cover and refused to distribute it, citing the picture of John’s nob and Yoko’s mate on the front, so they farmed it out to Track Records.

Wednesday, 13th November

The US premiere of ‘Yellow Submarine’. George was only staying in a hotel down the road, but he couldn’t be bothered to go, explaining “I’ve already seen it twice.”

Wednesday, 20th November

Recording session for a radio show (unknown title).

Thursday, 21st November

Yoko suffered a miscarriage, probably brought on by the stress of their up-and-coming drugs trial. They called it John Ono Lennon II, and buried him in a secret location.

Friday, 22nd November

‘The Beatles’ (aka The ‘White Album’) – front cover ReleasedUK album. The Beatles (The ‘White Album’)Peak position: Melody Maker – #1; NME – #1; Record Retailer – #1

Monday, 25th November

‘The Beatles’ (aka The ‘White Album’) – front cover ReleasedUSA album. The Beatles (The ‘White Album’)Peak position: Billboard – #1; Cashbox – #1; Record World – #1

Thursday, 28th November

John and Yoko were found guilty of possession. They were fined a-hundred-and-fifty quid, but were cleared of wilful obstruction.

Friday, 29th November

‘Two Virgins’, was released in the UK. Most of the American record stores had by now refused to stock it – even when it was hidden inside a brown paper bag – contributing to the already poor sales. is not affiliated with or approved by The Beatles, Apple, MPL, EMI or Capitol Records.
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