The Beatles’ diary -- September 1966

September 1966

Sometime in September (date unknown) Yoko Ono arrived in London to take part in DIAS – the Destruction In Art Symposium, as a practising member of the famous Fluxus movement. And every Beatle’s fan worth his salt knows what happened next, of course – she went and married John. But what is less well-known, however, is her life story ‘before’ meeting John. And as you might expect, she certainly got about! Her family were the original founders of the Yasunda Bank, and lived in Tokyo with maids, butlers, man-servants – you name it, they had it. They had more money than the whole world put together (…so all of those people who call her a gold-digger are way ‘way’ off the mark). And she was a bit of a child prodigy too (I hesitate to use the word ‘genius’, but she was certainly clever) …

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Monday, 5th September

Because Brian had cleared a few months out of their busy schedule to make a now-binned movie, The Beatles suddenly found that they were blessed with nearly four months of free-time.

Tuesday, 6th September

John had a haircut to prepare for his part in the movie, and started wearing his famous ‘granny-glasses’ around the set. The hairdresser had to burn his hair clippings to stop them being sold off as souvenirs. (They sold the ashes instead.)

Monday, 12th September

The first Monkees music show was broadcast on American TV. This was a lousy attempt to combine “the music and humour of The Beatles with… the music and humour of The Beatles.” NBC advertised for “Folk and rock musicians – singers for acting roles in a new TV series. Running parts for four insane boys, aged 17-21.” The four lucky winners were Mickey Dolenz, Peter Tork, Mike Nesmith and Davy Jones. Jones was the only British bloke, and sang his songs in Manchester… I wouldn’t normally bother telling you all of this, but for one amazing coincidence – he had previously appeared on ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’ in ’64 (the same show as The Beatles) as The Artful Dodger in ‘Oliver!’

Wednesday, 14th September

George cut off all his hair and grew a moustache, and flew to India to study the sitar with Ravi Shankar. They were careful to check in under the pseudonyms Mr and Mrs Sam Wells, but it was no use, because a nosey little bell-boy tipped off the press, and it wasn’t too long before the hotel was besieged by the papers.

Friday, 16th September

John took a break from filming, and took the night-train to Paris to spend a weekend with Paul and Brian.

Monday, 19th September

John flew to Spain to carry on filming and shared a pokey little house with Michael Crawford.

Tuesday, 20th September

Recording session for the radio show ‘The Lively Arts’ This show was transmitted on 11th December (BBC Home Service) and featured an interview with George Harrison.

George met the Maharishi in Bombay. He said: “I’ve got the Indian thing more in perspective now. My trip to India was so good for me. I don’t fancy myself as the next Ravi Shankar anymore. I’ve met so many sitar students and players that, well, it’s sort of made me realise that when I get home that I probably won’t ever be a star sitar player. But, I still prefer Indian music to any other form of music. It has taken over one hundred per cent in my musical life. I’m learning all the time as it knocks me out.”

Tuesday, 27th September

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