The Beatles’ diary -- September 1969

September 1969

Wednesday, 10th September

The New Cinema Club, at the ICA in London, held ‘An Evening With John And Yoko’, and showed a few of their home movies. The pick of the bunch was John’s ‘Self Portrait’, which detailed the rise (and fall) of John’s penis. John said: “It has vibrations of love, and it has an immediate message of humanity. When Yoko showed me her ‘Bottoms’ film, I thought it was ridiculous, but she explained it to me and I was convinced. I don’t remember how.”

Thursday, 11th September

John informed Klein that he was quitting the Beatles. Klein immediately told him to keep stum for the good of the business – he was in the middle of re-negotiating their Capitol contract.

Saturday, 13th September

John and Yoko performing in TorontoJohn and Yoko in Toronto – 13 Sep ’69

The Plastic Ono Band’s first concert in Toronto, with Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino, Bo Diddley, Gene Vincent, The Doors and Alice Cooper.

Thursday, 18th September

Recording session for the radio show ‘Scene And Heard’ at the Apple Corps This show was transmitted on 28th September (BBC Radio 1) and featured an interview with George Harrison.

Friday, 19th September

Recording session for the radio show ‘Scene And Heard’ at the Apple Corps This show was transmitted on 21st September (BBC Radio 1) and featured an interview with Paul McCartney.

Saturday, 20th September

Allen Klein managed to negotiate an increased royalty rate from EMI and Capitol. He simply told them that they would sit on their arses for the next six years unless they got a pay rise. (And this was no idle threat, because they had already released the minimum number of albums stipulated in their contract.)

Monday, 22nd September

The Boston radio station, WBCN, excitedly announced that they had an early copy of “the new Beatles album”, when, in actual fact, all they had was Glyn Johns’ rough acetates for the ‘Get Back’ LP.

Thursday, 25th September

John recorded his ‘Cold Turkey’ single. He originally offered it to the Beatles but Paul baulked at the subject matter. “When I wrote it,” he said, “I went to the other three Beatles and said, ‘Hey lads, I think I’ve written a single.’ And they all said, ‘Ummmm… Arrrrr… Well,’ because it was going to be my project. So, I thought, ‘Bugger you, I’ll put it out myself’, and I did it as The Plastic Ono Band.”

Friday, 26th September

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