Chris Thomas

This is a list of every Beatles song that features Chris Thomas. The songs shown in black are their main career songs. Songs shown in faded grey are their non-career songs (eg, songs from the BBC radio sessions).

Chris Thomas produced the following songs: Birthday, Glass Onion, Happiness Is A Warm Gun, Helter Skelter, I Want You (She’s So Heavy), I Will, Let It Be, Octopus’s Garden, Oh! Darling, Old Brown Shoe, Piggies, Something, Step Inside Love/Los Paranoias and You Know My Name (Look Up The Number).

He also played an electric piano on Savoy Truffle.

He played an organ on Savoy Truffle.

He played a harpsichord on Piggies.

He played a mellotron on The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill. is not affiliated with or approved by The Beatles, Apple, MPL, EMI or Capitol Records.
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