Backbeat • Beatles US EP

USA vinyl EP Backbeat

‘Backbeat’ USA EP – front cover
Front cover
‘Backbeat’ USA EP – back cover
Back cover
‘Backbeat’ USA EP – Polydor record label
Record label
  • Label: Polydor PRO 1113 7
  • Released: 1994

Side A: Ain’t She Sweet / Cry For A Shadow
Side B: My Bonnie / The Saints

Track (1) Ager/Yellen, (2) Harrison/Lennon and (3,4) Traditional, arranged by Sheridan

This record was given away free to plug the release of the new movie ‘BackBeat’.

The film told the story of The Beatles’ early years in Hamburg, focusing primarily on Stuart Sutcliffe’s relationship with Astrid Kirchherr. Polydor’s interest was due to the fact that they owned the songs from the Tony Sheridan session, which were available on their ‘In The Beginning’ LP. The two records even shared the same cover picture.

The back cover carries the tagline “Compliments of Gramercy Pictures and Polydor”.

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