Tony Sheridan With The Beatles • Beatles UK EP

UK vinyl EP Tony Sheridan With The Beatles

‘Tony Sheridan With The Beatles’ UK EP – front cover
Front cover
‘Tony Sheridan With The Beatles’ UK EP – back cover
Back cover
  • Label: Polydor EPH 21610
  • Released: 17th July 1963
  • Peak position:
    Record Retailer – Didn’t enter

Side A: My Bonnie / The Saints
Side B: Why / Cry For A Shadow

Track (1,2) Traditional, arranged by Sheridan, (3) Sheridan/Compton and (4) Harrison/Lennon

This was just a collection of songs from their pre-fame ‘Pete Best’ days, when they attended a recording session with Tony Sheridan. The songs were all more than two years old by 1963, but the band were big sellers by now so Polydor packaged them up and tried to make a bit more money out of them.

They also sneakily released it on the same day as EMI’s ‘Twist And Shout’ EP to try and grab some of its sales. The public weren’t fooled though, and it failed to make the chart.

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