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UK fan-club disc Another Beatles’ Christmas Record

‘Another Beatles’ Christmas Record’ UK fan-club disc – front cover
Front cover
‘Another Beatles’ Christmas Record’ UK fan-club disc – back cover
Back cover
‘Another Beatles’ Christmas Record’ UK fan-club disc – Lyntone record label
Record label
‘Another Beatles’ Christmas Record’ UK fan-club disc – front of the newsletter, folded-out
Outside of newsletter, folded-out
‘Another Beatles’ Christmas Record’ UK fan-club disc – back of the newsletter, folded-out
Inside of newsletter, folded-out

Flexi-disc: Jingle Bells / Talking – Paul / Talking – John / Talking – George / Talking – Ringo / Can You Wash Your Father’s Shirts? / Happy Christmas

Total running time: 4.05

By the time Christmas 1964 rolled around the Beatles’ fan-club membership had swelled to over 65,000 members, and the disc came in a special sleeve with a newsletter detailing all their adventures from the previous year.

Paul starts off by thanking everyone for buying their records, “We know you’ve been buying them because the sales have been very good, you see. Don’t know where we’d be without you though,” he says, to which John replies “In the army, perhaps?” Then Paul says “We hope you’ve enjoyed listening to the records as much as we’ve enjoyed melting them. [Laughs] No, no, no, that’s wrong… making them.” He then hands over to John who reads his lines straight from the script like a robot: “Thanks all of you who bought me book. Thank you folks for buying it, it was very …

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