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‘The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl’ UK album – front cover
Front cover
‘The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl’ UK album – inside cover, folded-out
Inside cover, folded-out
‘The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl’ UK album – back cover
Back cover
  • Label: Parlophone EMTV 4
  • Released: 6th May 1977
  • Sales figures: ½ million
  • Peak position:
    Record Retailer – #1
  • Weeks at No.1: 1 – from 18th June 1977
  • Weeks in chart: 17 – from 21st May 1977
‘The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl’ UK album – outside cover, folded-out
Outside cover, folded-out
‘The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl’ UK album – Parlophone tape cassette label
Cassette label
  • Label: Parlophone TC EMTV 4
  • Released: 1977
‘The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl’ UK album – outside cover, folded-out
Outside cover, folded-out
‘The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl’ UK album – Music For Pleasure tape cassette label
Cassette label
  • Label: Music For Pleasure MFP 41 5676 4
  • Released: 1984
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4-star review  from  Jack

While this album is not on CD, it is easy to find as second-generation vinyl or on a bootleg. The performances are stellar, and the massive echo and loud screaming only add to the atmosphere. It is particularly endearing to hear them rush through "Things We Said Today" and "All My Loving", slower ballads in their studio incarnations.

5-star review  from  Dominic

In the mid 60s Capitol we’re desperate to release a live Beatles album and recorded their concerts at the Hollywood Bowl in both 1964 and 1965 but the technology around at the time combined with the fact that the quality was heavily compromised by the constant wail of screaming that drowned out the performance from equipment hardly designed for such a venue meant that the Boys quite rightly strongly opposed such a release.

Fast forward to 1971 and George Martin used improved techniques to to clean up the tapes and compile a record that he saw fit for release but at that time just post the Fabs break up and all four Beatles heavily involved in their own solo careers the project was shelved once again.

Further fast forward to 1977 and George Martin and recording engineer Geoff Emerick had another look at the tapes and we’re able to filter and improve the quality still further. Maybe it was the fact that the Boys we’re beginning to rseolve their legal differences and we’re longer tied together via their EMI contract which had expied at the end of 75. Maybe it was the fact an unofficial and unsactioned Beatles live album was hitting the shops sourced from an even poorer quality tape recorded at The Star Club in Hamburg in 1962. And maybe it was that EMI we’re extremely keen to keep the Beatles revival bandwagon going after the great sucess they had in 1976 in both the singles and LP charts but this time this much aWaited album finally saw the light of day.

Was it worth the Wait? The record buying public certainly seemed to think so as it went straight to the top of the charts in that 77 summer of punk. The 64 vand 65 performances we’re combined to offer a single 33 minute show… about 10 or 15 minutes longer than a rael Beatles show would have lasted at the time.

The performances are actually very good and the quality acceptable after the sterling job by Martin and Emerick. As a period piece it’s very much of its time but that is also part of it’s appeal. So it’s a real shame that it has never had a CD release as I’m sure it could really benefit from a digital makeover. One additional track "Baby’s In Black" which wasn’t part of this collection was released as bonus track on the 1996 "Real Love" single CD and demonstrates how good these tapes could be made to sound. Come on EMI, do the right thing! Get this collection out on CD and restore to its rightful place in Beatle fans collections!

5-star review  from  Maccafan

This new Hollywood Bowl album ABSOLUTELY ROCKS!

you’ve never ever heard the Beatles laying it down like this! They are absolutely taking no prisoners!

This album is absolute proof that the Beatles werent just some pop group! They we’re a hard hitting, no BS, paid their dues hard rockin band!

Every music website and magazine should be doing featured articles about this absolutely fantastic release!

It should be #1!

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