The Beatles’ Christmas fan-club discs

The Christmas fan-club discs were posted out free to members of The Beatles’ official fan-club.

The Beatles’ Christmas fan-club discography
Title Label Released Peak pos. Chart Rating
The Beatles’ Christmas AlbumApple1971N/AN/A-
From Then To YouLyntone18 Dec ’70N/AN/A-
The Beatles’ Seventh Christmas RecordLyntone19 Dec ’69N/AN/A-
The Beatles’ Sixth Christmas RecordLyntone20 Dec ’68N/AN/A-
Christmas Time (Is Here Again)Lyntone11 Dec ’67N/AN/A-
Pantomime: Everywhere It’s ChristmasLyntone16 Dec ’66N/AN/A-
The Beatles’ Third Christmas RecordLyntone17 Dec ’65N/AN/A-
Another Beatles’ Christmas RecordLyntone18 Dec ’64N/AN/A-
The Beatles’ Christmas RecordLyntone9 Dec ’63N/AN/A-

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