The Beatles’ USA albums

Box = Box-set. Rel = Re-release. Interview discs have not been included. The ‘Peak position’ and ‘Chart’ listings are based on the American ‘Billboard’ chart.

The Beatles’ American album discography
Title Label Released Peak pos. Chart Rating
Anthology 2Apple19 Mar ’96#1 – for 1 week37 weeks-
Anthology 1Apple21 Nov ’95#1 – for 3 weeks29 weeks-
Live At The BBCApple6 Dec ’94#324 weeks-
Rel The Beatles / 1967-1970 (The ‘Blue Album’)Apple5 Oct ’93---
Rel The Beatles / 1962-1966 (The ‘Red Album’)Apple5 Oct ’93---
Box The Beatles Deluxe Box-SetCapitol16 Nov ’88N/AN/A-
Rel Past Masters Vols. 1 & 2Parlophone/Capitol26 Oct ’88---
Rel Let It BeApple1 Jul ’88--4½ stars
Rel Abbey RoadApple1 Jul ’88--4½ stars
Rel Yellow SubmarineApple1 Jul ’88--3 stars
Rel The Beatles (The ‘White Album’)Apple1 Jul ’88--5 stars
Rel Magical Mystery TourApple1 Jul ’88---
Rel Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club BandParlophone/Capitol1 Jul ’88--4½ stars
Past Masters Vol. 2Capitol8 Mar ’88#1217 weeks-
Past Masters Vol. 1Capitol8 Mar ’88#1496 weeks-
Rel Let It BeApple20 Oct ’87--4½ stars
Rel Abbey RoadApple20 Oct ’87--4½ stars
Rel Magical Mystery TourApple22 Sep ’87---
Rel Yellow SubmarineApple25 Aug ’87--3 stars
Rel The Beatles (The ‘White Album’)Apple25 Aug ’87--5 stars
Rel RevolverParlophone/Capitol21 Jul ’87--4 stars
Rel Rubber SoulParlophone/Capitol21 Jul ’87--5 stars
Rel Help!Parlophone/Capitol21 Jul ’87--4 stars
Rel Beatles For SaleParlophone/Capitol21 Jul ’87--3½ stars
Rel A Hard Day’s NightParlophone/Capitol21 Jul ’87--5 stars
Rel With The BeatlesParlophone/Capitol21 Jul ’87--4 stars
Rel Please Please MeParlophone/Capitol21 Jul ’87--3 stars
Rel Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club BandParlophone/Capitol1 Jun ’87--4½ stars
Rel RevolverParlophone/Capitol30 Apr ’87--4 stars
Rel Rubber SoulParlophone/Capitol30 Apr ’87--5 stars
Rel Help!Parlophone/Capitol30 Apr ’87--4 stars
Rel Beatles For SaleParlophone/Capitol26 Feb ’87--3½ stars
Rel A Hard Day’s NightParlophone/Capitol26 Feb ’87--5 stars
Rel With The BeatlesParlophone/Capitol26 Feb ’87--4 stars
Rel Please Please MeParlophone/Capitol26 Feb ’87#38-3 stars
20 Greatest HitsCapitol15 Oct ’82#5028 weeks-
Rel Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club BandCapitolOct ’82--4½ stars
Box The Beatles / The CollectionCapitolOct ’82N/AN/A-
The Complete Silver BeatlesAudio Rarities27 Sep ’82--3 stars
Reel MusicCapitol24 Mar ’82#1912 weeks3 stars

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