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5-star review  from  Clay

Jam session that when you close your eyes, you’re really Flying! Recording credits to all four members of the group, only a few tracks list all four Beatles in credit’s as far as recordings go they should have released 12 bar jam too!

2-star review  from  Jp

This is just a short little doodle. Its like Van Gogh doing a doodle on the back of an envelope. Okay, so its by Van Gogh so its important, but for anyone to give it 5 stars just begs the queston "If you’re giving Flying 5-stars, what in the hell do you give something like Hey Jude, which is infinitely better? "

If Hey Jude is 5-star level, then this can only be 2 stars max. It is used as incidental music in the Magical Mystery Tour movie. I think that shows you what The Beatles thought of it. It is the Beatles equivalent of lift music.

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