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5-star review  from  Jp

Without any shadow of a doubt, this is the greatest song in the history of music. Some people complain about the Na-na-nas at the end, but for me that is the best bit. If you give the song a chance, and even though you’ve heard it a million times before, its is still capable of bringing a lump to your throat when the orchestra comes in. And I just love John’s primal-screaming-style "Yeah Yeahs! ". He is really going for it and you can just hear the emotion in his voice.

But even before you get to that bit, the first half of the song is superb. What a melody! This is probably Paul’s greatest-ever tune.

5-star review  from  Lazarus Long

EVERYONE knows this song and for a good reason- ITS GREAT! With all of the great music the Beatles put out, this is my vote for the number one, but it’s a hell of a hard choice! All You Need Is Love is the only reasonable competition when comparing them all.

5-star review  from  Fran

Love this song! The Beatles are my most favorite band ever! Paul McCartney was so thoughtful to be concerned about Julian Lennon to write this song. It makes me feel good when I hear it. It is really difficult to choose a favorite.

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