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5-star review  from  Joe O

I was playing in a college bar called "ryans" near hofstra college on long island ny when the Beatles music first came out… then dominated our song list! Nowhere Man… another classic!

5-star review  from  Matthew

Nowhere Man is the most perfect Beatle song after Eight Days A Week. The lyrics are sad and beautiful, the harmonies are perfect, and the guitars are amazing. Lennon’s rythym guitar is melodic and rythmic at the same time. Just a great song. That’s all there to reality.

5-star review  from  Cravinbob

The LP Rubber Soul was a turning point for The Beatles and to me Paul’s bass playing on Nowhere Man showcased what he was capable of as the LP did for The Beatles. They had grown and this LP stands the test of time.

5-star review  from  Ricardo

Sorry guys but this list is lame! Nowhere Man stands out as definitely the best song on this list!

The rest cmon? There are at least 10 or more better songs than are listed here!

But then again, there are so many great songs they wrote that the opinions can range from a to z on this list.

If you are looking for the essence of the Beatles great harmonies and raw music (Early Beatles) to me those are the best, because most we’re recorded with very few takes, recorded live without all the studio stuff.

But the later Beatles music was also great. So I guess to each his own. I love about 150 songs out of the 250 or so they wrote! I have like 40 to 50 favorites.

This Boy! Love this song, John’s vocals!
If I Fell, the harmonies not your usual harmonies! Awesome,
Ticket To Ride! Love this song!

Favorite Albums, Help, A Hard Day’s Night, Meet the The Beatles… I guess I love their early stuff a bit more. I can always throw on The Early Beatles Songs and just their raw energy, and harmonies, and music, puts my mind at ease, I become happy, I forget all my daily stress.
It was a happy time when music was simple and just brought joy to your ears! Or at least the music brings joy to my ears. I can never get tired of listening to them! Smiling face

Ok nuff said, signing off.

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