The Beatles -- ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’

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  • Credit: Lennon / McCartney
  • Main composer: John
  • ‘Anthology 2’ album First released in UK:
    Anthology 2 album – 18 Mar ’96
    ‘Anthology 2’ album First released in USA:
    Anthology 2 album – 19 Mar ’96
  • Publisher: Northern Songs Ltd.
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5-star review  from  Terrylawson

The ultimate, the mountain top, Sgt. Pepper preview, beautifully arranged, sung and played (Ringo’s drums are amazing) and the best production and post production George Martin ever did.
I was making out with my teenage girlfriend in car on top of a hill when it first came on radio, and we just stopped what we were doing and listened. Looked at each other and went wow.

5-star review  from  Mike C

I will never forget the day that John Lennon died, and every time I hear this song I remember that day. What a senseless tragedy. Truly one of the greatest artists of all time was taken from us forever. John was the soul of the Beatles.

5-star review  from  Frodo

The greatest single in the UK never to have reached no. 1 and prevented from the top spot by the absolutely awful Release Me by Engelbert Humperdinck. The double A-side included Penny Lane which makes it one of the best value for money singles of all time! Livid face

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