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5-star review  from  6483 Runner

First time I heard this song (mid 80s, I am 37) I thought - what was that! I was just starting to listen to a lot of Floyd as well, and this became one of my favorite Beatles songs. Very cutting edge for 66.

5-star review  from  Steve

Experimental, existential and a rock-solid groove… a groundbreaking sonic masterpiece that formed the perfect ending to what is in my humble opinion the Beatles finest album… oh and whilst they were making it they invented sampling…

They might have written other songs that sound better when played solo on an acoustic guitar or piano - but for sheer musical inventiveness and creativity this song gets my vote… just perfect….

5-star review  from  Trumpet Toes

Amazing for its time, and still sounds amazing now. First heard Revolver around 1974, bought it from school pal for 50p. Never looked back its in my opinion the best album ever made and ever likely to be made. Tomorrow Never Knows is a precursor of things to come. Its incredible when you put it in context. What I mean is this was only 3 years after She Loves You. Quite an achievement, but then again the Beatles we’re and are exceptional and unique… and now I have to find some tasty downloads….

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